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Many property investors have identified the attractiveness of the self-storage industry already. There is a definite synergy between the self-storage industry and the safety deposit industry, and the anticipated growth rate pattern is similar. The Market in the UK, is relatively new outside of established banks, and customers are believed to prefer to use facilities which are close to home. We deem this market to therefore be very territorial.


Outside of London, no large chain or multiple branch operation exists, therefore Mint aspires to be this chain, and take a market lead in opening centres across the UK as quickly as possible. Mint are already proud to have two newly constructed and operating centres under their belt. With sales to the public ongoing. They are seeking to replace the old outgoing Bank branches, and offer customers a high quality alternative.


The safety boxes located within Mint Securities’ centres are protected by advanced security, endorsed by the Royal warrant of approval from HRH Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Demand will continue to increase with significant pressure on existing safety deposit bank customers The business opportunity to remove their belongings and relocate to private safety deposit centres. As the market is so prime,


Mint recognise that they need to expand rapidly and cover more areas, and offer more services quickly to an ever expanding potential customer base. With an increased presence and recognised brand, Mint will find it easier to establish new centres and reach capacity which is the primary business objective. 


“Because the Banks were ceasing to provide Safety Deposit Boxes to their customers,
this is possibly the “perfect storm”


Mint are offering a discounted scheme to allow investors to reserve physical boxes already in place on their sites. The box will therefore be held in your name, and it can be resold at any time, or left for sale in strict number order by Mint themselves to members of the public. When the box you have reserved rents to the public user, you get your initial capital back, plus a 30% uplift, and the time envisaged for this is within 36 months from the date you initially reserve.


It allows Investors to buy units at a market discount, to make a clear profit when that unit does rent to the eventual public user. It is envisaged, that all centre’s will reach capacity utilisation within 5 years. Mint is therefore willing to provide a full 5 year guarantee of the 30% return for every initial investor who reserves over £20,000 worth of Units on this scheme. There are only a limited number of units at each branch within each vault.

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